Lancaster House - front entrance

During the Olympic Games the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Chancellor, Business Secretary, Foreign Secretary and 35 other ministers welcomed over 4,000 business leaders and global figures to the Global Investment Conference and a series of Global Business Summits at Lancaster House in London as part of an 18-day programme. The series of global business summits took place at the British Business Embassy is the largest and most ambitious set of trade and investment events ever held in this country.

These events allowed businesses and Governments to exchange views and ideas, discuss local and international economic challenges, develop strong global partnerships for future growth and showcase the best of British business to the world.

Summaries and highlights from each day are available through the list of events below.

Global Business Summits

Video highlights are available for these previous summits.

26 July - Global Investment Conference (GIC)

27 July - China

30 July – Creative services

31 July – Creative content

1 August - Education

2 August – Healthcare & Life Sciences

3 August - ICT

6 August - Energy - The Journey to Smart Energy

7 August - Energy - The Journey to Smart Energy

8 August - Infrastructure

9 August – Retail, Food and Drink

10 August – Advanced engineering, automotive and aerospace

11 August - Brazil

12 August – Global Sports Breakfast - Delivering a Business Legacy from Hosting Sporting Events

3 September – Advances in Assistive Medical Technologies

5 September – Global Sports Projects - Delivering world class sporting events

6 - 7 September – International Paralympic Committee inclusion summit

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