British Business Club

An online, one-stop-shop, the British Business Club brings you up to date details of networking events, business activity, news and potential partners around international sports events, boosting the opportunities for UK companies to make valuable international business connections.

The British Business Club helps businesses navigate events relevant to their sector and creates an environment that supports and encourages business networking during the featured games.

Read a welcome message from our President, Sir John Armitt, on why he is supporting the British Business Club.  

The British Business Club is free to join, wherever you are based in the world.

join! make the most of business around major sporting events.


Why join?

The British Business Club is here to help you make the most of business networking activity around London 2012 and other major sports events now and in the future.

Register for business events, news around sporting events and exclusive discounts on a range of goods and services.

British Business Embassy

Between the 26 July - 5 September 2012 the British Business Embassy held 18 Global Business Summits covering ICT, Education, Energy, Healthcare, Creative & media and more to showcase the best of British Business

You can watch speakers presentations and read the live blogs to discover some inspirational and informative stories.


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British Business Club: a partnership between, UKTI, London & Partners, London Business Network and BIS, on behalf of the UK-wide London 2012 Business network.